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Some family clients prefer to have us assist in a variety of adjunct services related to their operation and administration. These include:

Bill Paying – We operate checking or bill paying accounts to assist family members in specific areas, such as disbursing moneys on their behalf from private foundations, or for mobile families with multiple residences, operating the bill paying needs of specific properties.

Travel Arrangements – We have vetted travel and private airplane charter services that can help efficiently fill an occasional need by clients. We currently supervise operations of privately owned jet services for select clients, and provide guidance on the merits of operating your own plane or participating in a jet leasing service.

Vehicle Management – We arrange purchase and delivery of specialized automobiles and other vehicles according to client needs.

Caretaker Recruiting – We have established relationships with several recruiters specializing in identifying and qualifying personal caretakers that can provide services from personal live-in help to property management of residences, ranches, or farms.

Health Care Advocacy – We have engaged the services of an independent health advisory firm which gives our clients access to objective medical advice for any type of problem, whether it’s a short term issue or something that requires ongoing treatment.

We serve as a single source that our family office clients can call with any need or issue related to their affairs. We will either implement solutions ourselves or find solutions promptly to make their lives as convenient and cost effective as possible.