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photo_tree3Our Financial Planning service coordinates our investment management process with a clients’ short and long-term objectives, their risk exposures (personal liability, health insurance, life insurance, property insurance, etc.), and their estate plans (the purpose and eventual destination of their assets).

We serve as the financial quarterback, working with all of a client’s advisors, including legal and tax professionals, to help integrate a complete plan with measurable goals and expected outcomes. During this process we review all documents and specifics, and then construct planning scenarios that forecast asset value changes.

Specific planning assignments may include:

Like an Investment Plan, all Financial Plans should be reviewed periodically or anytime a significant event happens in the life of a client. These events may include the birth or death of a family member, changes in a client’s business structure, the acquisition or loss of assets, such as a primary or secondary residence, or changes in lifetime gifting desires. In many ways, financial planning is risk management in its purest form. We strive to identify and thereby avoid financial threats and personal hazards through careful planning and analysis.

Nothing contained on this website constitutes investment, legal, tax or other advice and is not to be relied on in making an investment or other decision.