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We hold the interests of the client first.

As registered investment advisors, we are fiduciaries — not broker salesmen — and are governed by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 which requires us to put client interests ahead of our own. More importantly, the client priority is ingrained into the firm’s culture, business model, employee rewards, strategic direction, policy and procedures, etc. We believe very deeply in the ethic of client interests holding highest priority.

To that end, we pursue a true open architecture, which means we are free to use any manager custodian, sub-manager, mutual fund, cash, bond, stock, or commodity that we feel truly is the very best solution for the client. We are also able to pool client assets in our Equinox Funds  to provide clients access to otherwise inaccessible managers. We strive to ensure that no economic benefit accrues to any advisor or to the firm from making one recommendation versus another to a client.  The clients expect completely objective advice.

We believe in full transparency, full disclosure, and sharing as much information with clients as they have interest. Educated, informed clients are our best clients.

Given our origins as a family office caring for the affairs of families, we believe in the importance of family relationships both when working with our clients and in dealing with employees. We typically become involved in the personal relationships of client families to the extent we are asked to participate, and these strong relationships provide an added value and service unlike other firms who focus on an investment product or service.  At MCM the personal relationships with the clients are as important as the investment solutions.

The concept of family has meaning and significance both internally and externally. We expend efforts to celebrate employees for their success and support them when they struggle. We judge such a culture to be important to the long-term retention of employees, and a demonstration of our ethic to our clients.

Given our origins as an investment firm, we believe in the importance of professional expertise and performance. We are proud of our skill sets, strive to improve our technical competence, and seek to test our ability to add material value to our clients’ affairs in excess of our fees. We don’t want to be engaged with a client if we are not adding measureable value.