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To be the best:

  • We strive for excellence in every service. We want our clients to be impressed with the quality, attentiveness, and professionalism of our services. We intend to lead process for ever better solutions.
  • We seek accountability in performance of our ideas, our management, and our services. We like to be tested for the value we provide and the comparison with our peers.
  • We welcome change and challenges. Problems, if not repeated, are opportunities to excel. The smallest mistake, left uncorrected, can cancel all other efforts.
  • We are conservative, prudent, long-term investors for our clients, for our business, and for ourselves. We are not short-term traders gambling for outsized returns.
  • The standards and philosophy we espouse for clients are the ones we practice for ourselves


  • We believe in the notion of the “family” as the cornerstone of our purpose and identity. For us, our clients are not accounts with money to be managed but a network of people across generations with holistic goals of continuity, and family mission.
  • Our attention is focused both on the day-to-day work of managing portfolios and also the greater policy issues that can have the major impact on outcomes. We are risk managers.
  • The stewardship of family resources includes responsibility for the financial wealth, their social capital, their collective knowledge, their legacy, and intangible good will that exists in the members of a family.
  • We strive to make all decisions in the sole interest of the families. We have no agenda other than the client’s agenda. We need to constantly review and analyze our success (or lack of success) in adhering to their interests.
  • Our “family” culture means that we prioritize our clients and colleagues over other needs normally driving a business model. Our success comes from client success.
  • We value our colleagues as we do our clients. We practice honest interpersonal relationship, respect for individual rights and values, and the rights of personal preferences.

Caretakers of Wealth:

  • We care about the stewardship of assets. We are dedicated to the success of wealth, as gardeners care about the success of their gardens. Part of financial success is to recognize the constraints of consumption and waste that undermine sustainability.
  • Good financial management requires the “long view” of performance measured in generations not quarters.
  • We believe in financial success for us as individuals, as a company, and for our clients. Creating successful financial outcomes is a process of careful resource management. The processes and philosophies that create financial success are the same ones that create successful family relations, business practices, and societal systems.
  • We believe in free markets, open borders, less regulation and more growth.