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Chief Executive Officer

Manchester Office: 802.362.4410

Ted is the founding partner of the firm. He is responsible for client relations and overall leadership of the firm. Ted takes great pride in working with MCM clients and has been recognized for many years in Barron’s as one of the top independent financial advisors in America. He has been honored with numerous industry awards and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Ted is a member of the Explorers’ Club and is active in numerous civic and charitable organizations. He is a former member of the Vermont Business Roundtable, a former Trustee of the Village of Manchester, past Chairman of the Board of the Vermont Natural Resources Council, and a former member of the Advisory Board of Charles Schwab. Ted received a B.A. from Williams College and completed coursework at Harvard Business School and the New York Institute of Finance. He founded Manchester Capital as a family office, dedicated to caring for the assets of related families. Over the years, the firm assisted other wealthy families and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1993. Ted and his wife, Susan, live in Vermont, where they have resided for over thirty-five years. They also have a home in Montecito, CA. He is the proud father of two sons, Read and Wright Cronin, and a granddaughter, Teddy. Besides his passion for his clients and their investments, Ted is an active bicyclist with a love of competitive motor sports, from racing motorcycles to race cars.